About us

Founded in 1992, S.B Sales & Services, Perambra, Chalakudy, Kerala has been the ambassador of several national & multinational brands in raw material supplier for Paints, Printing Inks, Paving, Designer Tiles, Plastic & PVC all across the country

S.B Sales & Services, Perambra, Chalakudy, Kerala has the distinction of representing more than 16 highly reputed Local and International Principals and supplying raw materials to more than 800 Customers. This range customers includes the largest industries in the sectors above and also the micro level customers catering to highly specialized consumers.

We have constantly strived to supply good quality products at reasonable rates and also offer prompt and friendly services. We strongly believe that our faith in quality, reasonableness and excellent services are the reasons for S.B Sales & Services being a name reckoned in the annals of many leading tiles, plastic and paint manufacturers.


Our Purpose

We aim to provide the utmost value and support to products we sell.. We create value to our partners by building their brands and leveraging its demand, through the reliance on mature distribution channels, efficient logistics and guaranteed after sale service.

Our Team

Sales & Marketing Division

The Sales & Marketing division is responsible for selling and marketing products and Services.

It constitutes of well trained sales staffs who are able to promote sophisticated products with high level of professionalism and support.

Our Sales Division caters to 800 Customer throughout India. Over the years', our market experience has helped us build strong relations with our trade partners resulting in a better prominence and visibility of our brands through the Kerala and neighbor State also. Our key aim is to continuously expand our distribution through wider coverage.


We have our own Logistic department. We have earned unrivalled reputation for efficient and reliable service. Operating through own vehicles on door delivery basis that maintain the integrity and quality of the products.


  1. Pigments, Additives,Resins and Minerals
  2. Oxides (Indian and Imported)
  3. Master Batches and Additives
  4. Construction Chemicals
  5. Designer tile raw materials
  6. PVC raw materials
  7. Fillers